If you choose Projekt:3D you will get a great light show for your event; lights that can transfer the whole room and enable your photographer take the best dance/reception photos that you will cherish for life.  Projekt:3D takes the time to make the event space look special for you by up-lighting walls catered to the color of the event.  When the party gets going we change the lighting to create a club atmosphere. 

Examples of our set ups with uplighning and gobo light with bride and groom name and their wedding date displayed on the wall.




Smaller venues require smaller DJ set up which we can provide without loosing the quality of lights and elegance of the look.



One of the big things that makes us different from others is personalized gobo light we can use at every event.Here are four examples of such gobos.Depending on the venue they can be projected on the wall or on the dancefloor.




Happy Birthday gobo and gobo desinged by the bride for her wedding.Yes , you can design your own gobo and we can use it for your event.




 One of the other things that makes us unique from other DJs is UPLIGHTNIG.We have 16 Adj LED Lights and 3 ADJ LED mega bars that we use to uplight walls,decor etc.Using those lights that way can completely change the room.